Q: What is NyloDeck made of?

A: All products manufactured by NyloBoard including NyloDeck, NyloPorch, NyloSheet and NyloSheet Ultra are made through a patented process using 100 percent recycled carpet fiber with propriety resins and an e-glass fabric.

Q: Does NyloDeck contain any wood, cellulose, or plant fibers?

A: NyloDeck doesn’t contain any plant based fiber which can often lead to issues with moisture, mildew, mold, termites, stains, and swelling.

Q: Does NyloDeck contain any PVC?

A: NyloDeck does not contain PVC.  Products manufactured by NyloBoard are made using 100 percent recycled carpet fiber.

Q: Why is NyloDeck considered to be environmentally friendly?

A: Products manufactured by NyloBoard are made using recycled carpet fiber to create exceptionally strong, durable and eco-friendly products.  It is part of NyloBoard’s mission to help stop the waste stream of carpet fiber that currently contributes to billions of pounds to landfills each year.  

Q: How far can NyloDeck span for residential applications?

A: NyloDeck is the strongest 1” deck board on the market.  The product is rated to handle a 200 lb. live load at 16” on center and 100 lb. live load at 24″ on center.  With NyloDeck, homeowners can span joists up to 24” on center and run 45˚ degree angles at 16” on center.  Refer to installation instructions and local building codes or regulations.

Q: How would you describe the surface of NyloDeck?

A: NyloDeck is not a cap stock product.  Its proprietary coating process is designed for long lasting strength and durability and has been derived from similar coatings technologies used in the commercial transportation industry.  In addition to its strength qualities, the finish of NyloDeck is also beautiful.  Just as in nature, no two NyloDeck boards look exactly the same.  NyloDeck uses a patented three-dimensional embossing process to create a unique finish on each board.

Q: What colors of NyloDeck are available?

A: NyloDeck is available in 6 colors; Saddle Rose, Mountain Mocha, Desert Spice, Harbor Gray, Newport White and Coastal Mist

Q: What sizes and profiles are available in NyloDeck?

A: NyloDeck is available in nominal 1” x 5-1/2” x 12’, 16’, 20’ and 24′ lengths.   NyloDeck also offers matching fascia: 1/2” x 7-1/4” and 1/2” x 11-1/4” x12”.

Q: Does NyloDeck have an edge groove option for hidden fasteners?

A: NyloDeck is available with an edge groove that works with most industry leading hidden fastener systems.

Q: Will it absorb water?

A: NyloDeck is impervious to moisture. In fact, it will even float.  NyloDeck is made from the same patented process as NyloSheet and NyloSheet Ultra, which has been subjected to the rigors of the marine environment for years. Due to its exceptional strength, resistance to water, and screw retention, NyloSheet has been used in hulls, floors, bulkheads, and consoles by the top boat manufactures in the US and Canada.  Learn more about NyloDeck’s moisture resistance in our mold and mildew resistance white paper.

Q: Will it grow mold or mildew?

A: NyloDeck does not contain wood or plant fiber to promote the growth of mold and mildew. Keep in mind that dirt build-up on any surface can support the growth of mold or mildew so it is important to periodically clean your deck.  Learn more about NyloDeck’s moisture resistance in our mold and mildew resistance white paper.

Q: Will termites damage NyloDeck?

A: As with all products manufactured by NyloBoard, NyloDeck does not contain wood or plant fiber, so there is nothing for termites to eat.  In fact, given the choice to eat NyloDeck or face starvation, voracious Formosan termites chose hunger during a study performed by the Forest and Wildlife Research Center at Mississippi State University.  Our products continue to receive high AWPA ratings for their resistance to termites.  In a choice test with domestic termites, NyloSheet received an AWPA E1-97: 10 out of 10 rating. The products also received an AWPA E1-97: 9.9 out of 10 rating in a no choice test with Formosan termites.

Q: Is there a potential for static electricity when walking on NyloDeck?

A: An electrostatic charge can be created by the contact and separation of materials. This is referred to as triboelectric charging. Triboelectric charging of NyloDeck, like many nonconductive materials, can take place in certain situations such as low humidity or dry windy, conditions. This effect will dissipate naturally over time. The use of Simple Green® All Purpose Cleaner can minimize electrostatic charge in situations where conditions result in charging being a concern. Combine 1 oz. of Simple Green per cup of water, spray the mixture onto NyloDeck boards, and allow to dry.

Q: Will NyloDeck delaminate?

A: Unlike other composite decking products, NyloDeck is not a cap-stock product, where a vulnerable core is protected.   All the materials are combined in a one-step, monolithic process to create NyloDeck.  The result is a solid board that will not delaminate.

Q: Do you offer a railing product?

A: Although we currently do not offer a railing product, NyloDeck is extremely versatile and can be combined with any number of railing options to create a truly unique deck design. We do offer deck fascia in ½” x 11-1/4” x 12’ and ½” x 7-1/4” x 12’ profiles in matching colors. Fascia boards can be ripped to size and attached to provide a finished look to your deck, porch or dock.

Q: How much does NyloDeck weigh per linear foot?

A: It weighs approximately 1.6/LF – which is much lighter and a lot less work to handle than traditional wood-plastic composite decking.

Q: Will the color change or fade?

A: Although no decking material is 100% fade proof, NyloDeck has built-in advanced UV protection to minimize fading.  NyloDeck also offers a 25-Year Limited Residential Fade and Stain Warranty and a 10-Year Limited Commercial Fade and Stain Warranty.

Q: How do I get stains out?

A: NyloDeck is highly resistant to stains from a variety of items including red wine and food. If something is spilled on your NyloDeck deck, promptly clean with water and a mild household cleaner and/or mild degreaser. Click here to review our Care and Maintenance Guidelines.

Q: Can I use sandpaper to remove stains?

A: Using sandpaper will damage the surface of NyloDeck.  Click here to review our Care and Maintenance Guidelines

Q: Will the water from our swimming pool damage the material?

A: Water will not damage the product, as NyloDeck is impervious to moisture. NyloDeck is ideal for docks and decks around pools, hot tubs, and other bodies of water.

Q: Should I paint / stain / water seal NyloDeck?

A: NyloDeck is a pre-finished decking material, there is no need to paint or stain the product.

Q: What is the length of the warranty?

A: The standard limited warranty covers 25 years for residential and 10 years for commercial. In addition to our standard warranty, we offer a limited fade and stain warranty, covering 25 years for residential and 10 years for commercial. Remember to register your warranty after purchasing NyloDeck. Please see the warranty section of our website for complete details.

Q: Is the warranty prorated and is it transferable?

A: Yes, the warranty is prorated. The warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only.

Q: Does NyloDeck expand in the heat of the summer or contract in the cold of winter?

A: Like all natural and composite materials, NyloDeck has the potential to expand or contract.  However, NyloDeck has the best thermal expansion rating of all decking materials.  Third party testing has shown an unfastened 20’ NyloDeck board will expand/contract about less than 1/8” at a 100F temperature swing. Composite and PVC competitors can expect movement anywhere from 1/2” to 3/4”. For more information, review our test results and follow the installation guidelines located in the NyloDeck section of our website.

Q: What spacing is required between the boards?

A: Minimum gap of 1/8” side to side and 3/16” between board ends and solid surfaces such as walls and posts. Follow the installation guidelines in the NyloDeck section of our website for information on butt joint gaps.

Q: Is NyloDeck structural?

A: NyloDeck is not a structural material.  The product is intended for the use as deck or dock flooring boards.

Q: Can I cantilever / overhang NyloDeck past the edge of my deck or dock?

A: The maximum overhang is 1-1/2” beyond the deck or dock.  Follow the installation guidelines on our website for information on cantilever/overhanging NyloDeck.

Q: How do I cover the sides of the deck or dock structural framing?

A: Matching NyloDeck fascia boards (1/2” x 7-1/4” and 1/2” x 11-1/4” x 12′) can be cut to size and attached to provide a finished look to your deck or dock.  The NyloDeck fascia is not a structural material, but can be used for stair risers.

Q: Are there any special tools required?

A:  NyloDeck does not require special tools.  NyloDeck can be sawn, routed, drilled, or fastened using conventional wood-working tools.  Visit the installation page on our website for a list of recommended saw blades, and fasteners.

Q: Can I use a router on NyloDeck?

A:  You can rout the sides of NyloDeck for hidden fasteners or when ripping boards down to a narrower width.  However, to preserve the strength of the product, do not rout the top walking surface or the bottom surface of the board.  Follow the installation guidelines on our website for information on routing NyloDeck.

Q: How do I fasten NyloDeck?

A: NyloDeck can be attached using industry leading screws and one of the many industry leading hidden fastener systems available. The type and method of installation is the choice of the builder or homeowner. Follow the installation guidelines on our website or click here for a chart of recommended fasteners.

Q: How close to the end or edge of NyloDeck can surface applied fasteners be placed?

A: Screws should be installed a minimum of 3/4” from the end or edge of the board.

Q: Do I need to drill a pilot hole before fastening?

A: There’s no need to drill a pilot hole, NyloDeck does not ‘mushroom’.

Q: Do I have to buy hidden fasteners from NyloDeck?

A: NyloDeck makes installation easy by allowing customers to choose the appropriate hidden fastener system for their application.  Click here for a list of tested and recommended fasteners.

Q: What quantity of NyloDeck comes in a bundle of each length?

A: 12’, 16′, 20′, and 24′ boards are (48) to a bundle, 8 wide x 6 high.


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